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Cloud & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are core technical and business/IT competence here at DCM.  Our senior staff has been engaged in various chief and principal architecture roles for many of our clients including INTTRA, Merck, UASC, MindTree, IEEE and SOA Software - responsible for everything from the strategic definition of the organizational entity to the technical and tactical design of services.  Below is an overview of our offerings and a sampling of our experience.

DCM's offering to assess the SOA (Messaging) environment and recommend , configure and support ESB product(s).

Presenting Opportunities (Symptoms):
•Growing # of services are difficult to control
•Governance and standardization on/of services (apps) and communications (protocols)
•Performance issues
•My (SOA) architecture looks like a ball of twine (P2P)
•Limited Extensibility
•M&A – Partnering Service opportunities.

Why DCM (Benefits/ROI/Cool Stuff):
•Vendor Neutral!
•Best of breed selection criteria.
•End-to-end expertise

DCM's methodology to perform “Service Oriented” Business Analysis, Service Modeling and Service Design (SOMA).

Presenting Opportunities (Symptoms):
•Major (re)design/integration/migration efforts
•Unknown perform/business/functional issues w/ an existing system.
•Undocumented / Antiquated Critical Business System

Why DCM (Benefits/ROI/Cool Stuff):
•Technology agnostic and objective.
•Non serial process w/ minimal inter-dependences
•Gets you from Analysis -> Development …rapidly
•Production of a consumable model
•Governance & Quality
•Business & IT friendly – forces alignment and agility

DCM’s “factory model SDLC” to develop services (applications) on an established SOA infrastructure.

Presenting Opportunities (Symptoms):
•Service (application) development efforts within/across a LOB.
•Multiple/complex independent development efforts using the same information
•Development efforts on a “industry” standard
•Lots of  systems doing the same thing…differently
•Legacy system “integration”.

Why DCM (Benefits/ROI/Cool Stuff):
•Reduced SDLC & higher quality product via:
•Predefined framework
•Predefined schemas and patterns
•Hybrid team is very cost effective
•Gets you from Development -> Test …rapidly
•The use of generic service templates w/ Industry Standard Schemas reduces SDLC

SOA Test Harnesses offers end-to-end test configuration and test management requirements for  “SOA” application testing at service interface levels. The implementation of these tools helps our clients in testing groups of services for business processes; compliance; and functional and regression testing.

Presenting Opportunities (Symptoms):
•A tool & team needed to test my web services in a automated fashion requiring minimal interaction w/ my development team.
•Testing solutions including conformance and security
•Must be “quickly” extensible
•User friendly interface for test management•Test reporting and debugging metrics.

Why DCM (Benefits/ROI/Cool Stuff):
•Overall 20-30% reduction in testing time and cost•30-60% reduction in test planning effort
•Designed to adapt for any leading industry
•Easy to customize (industry standard or customized)
•Encapsulation of complex and layered schemas
•Early Test Adoption
•Complete traceability from requirements to test result

A SOA Maturity Assessment is to provide a framework for our clients to understand the scope and benefits their current SOA efforts, as well as, a current assessment of their SOA capabilities (both strengths and pain points) across Business and IT. 

Presenting Opportunities (Symptoms):
•A “snapshot” is needed of where the company stands in terms of adopting SOA.
•Recent M&A activities have left us many non-communicating systems.
•I want to identify the “low hanging fruit/quick hits” that have yet to be realized.
•Set long term strategy…
•My SOA effort is out-of-control…

Why DCM (Benefits/ROI/Cool Stuff):
•Vendor neutral assessment
•Hybrid Maturity Model based  industry best practices.
•Quick, inexpensive and provides quick ROI